Church Service Times:

8:00 am Prayer Service

9:00 am Sunday School

10:00 am Church Service


To Create an Atmosphere of Hope and Encouragement

We do this by providing a comprehensive ministry to youth, adults and the family unit so  each individual can experience God’s power, receive Christ as their personal Savior and grow in Christian maturity.

AS A CHURCH: We exalt the Savior by providing a biblical climate for worship which includes prayer, preaching, Bible study, music, testimonies, praise dance, ordinances, offering and fellowship.

AS A CHURCH: We actively equip the body of Christ for service in fellowship by instruction and encouraging all Christians to concentrate on serving and obeying the Lord.

AS A CHURCH: We  evangelize the unsaved by being active disciples working through outreach programs to attract unbelievers to faith in Christ,.

New Hope believes in the Holy Bible as the inspired word of God. It uses the Bible as its sole authority for faith and practice. This church acknowledges it adherence to all the teaching of Jesus Christ.


 New Hope Mission        

  1. To Reach The Lost-Matthew 28:19,20   Bring Mankind to Salvation                        
  1. To Teach The Found– Colossians 3:16    Equip The Body of Christ With The Word of God
  1. To Share Hope– Ecclesiastes 9: 4   There is No Hopeless Situation With God
  1. To Encourage Abundant Living- John 10:10
  2. To Embrace Spiritual Growth– Isaiah 33:6